Aaron Loughran

Aaron Loughran


My name is Aaron Loughran. I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I recently finished my degree in Digital Marketing and am exploring opportunities within the space. I have 4 years marketing experience beginning with my personal editing brand and developing into areas such as: content strategy, brand management, social media management, video editing, graphic design, music marketing and more


Content Planning

Develop content plans for social media (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok), research trends, engagement techniques, growth strategy, content ideation, analytical reviews

Video Editing

Proficient in video editing (Sony Vegas Pro  Adobe Premiere Pro & CapCut), Understand audience retention, storytelling, sound design

Music Promotion

Manage and execute influencer  marketing campaigns: niche discovery, scouting, reach estimates, content plan, budgeting,  performance review, CPM

Graphic Design

Experience with Canva & Adobe Photoshop, UX/UI website design, social media posts, thumbnails

LinkedIn Outreach

Manage and execute LinkedIn outreach campaigns for 15+ clients, LinkedIn sales navigator, project management, headhunting, google sheets, results tracking

General Digital Marketing assistance

Good understanding of the digital  marketing space, experience in a number of different areas: SEO, WordPress, Google Ads, Facebook Ads


May 2023-Present

Digital Marketing Assistant - Lambourn Digital

Managed LinkedIn outreach campaigns for 15+ clients, used Sales navigator, Google Sheets, HubSpot CRM. Worked on business development and sales through outreach to prospective clients. Assisted with work in social media management, video editing & graphic design. Gained experience in LinkedIn advertising.


Content Creator & Video Editor

Gained a reputation as a popular montage editor for creators in the gaming niche (Fortnite). Built a personal brand around editing on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and, gaining over 220,000 followers and 2.1M views on YouTube. Built an e-commerce store around my editing brand, generating over €35,000 in sales organically selling an editing course. Diminished as i have been completing my degree.


Influencer Marketing Manager (Gaming) - 25/7 Media

Managed influencer marketing campaigns for song releases. Negotiated payment with large creators. Worked with popular artists in successful 5-figure budget campaigns. Niche discovery, scouting, reach estimates, performance tracking, CPM.


YouTube Strategist

Managed YouTube channels from 50-200K subscribers, responsible for ideation and management of graphic designers/editors. Utilize skills in copywriting, video retention and click-through rate techniques.


Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing - TU Dublin

2:1 Grade, Relevant coursework includes: enterprise development, marketing management, online selling, brand management, market research, social psychology, financial planning, consumer behaviour, online advertising


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I enjoy working with the theme and learn so much. You guys make the process fun and interesting. Good luck!

John Doe

I enjoy working with the theme and learn so much. You guys make the process fun and interesting. Good luck!

John Doe

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